Every man wants to be desirable to women. But the world is not fair. There are a folks who are shit scared of talking to women. Their greatest nightmare begins when a gorgeous girl walks up to them to ask something they can offer. Taking action on their own is just a thought in a galaxy far far away. A guy that we know once had to sit next to a girl while commuting to work. He told us she was a 3 on a scale of 10. So clearly she was not a target. Yet by the time the wheels had covered a few miles, he felt a certain attraction to her. But what was more interesting was that he had gently stroked her hands by accident. In his own words, he felt an electric shock, quickly pulled his hands and blushed the entire time of his journey. We don’t know about the girl but she might have felt the same. So, what was this shock? This shock nonetheless was not repulsive in nature. This shock reveals something more inane to human nature.

There are many people who feel this on a daily basis while talking to their colleagues while walking around with a group of girlfriends and even while sharing a seat on the public transport. These are the people who either lack a serious social bonding or haven’t get laid in years. Yet there are a few masters to whom the art of seduction comes naturally. Despite their quirks and cockiness, they manage to get their target wet. These people are on a mission to become the modern Casanova and will go to any length to get the girl they lay their eyes on. They are laced with effective diversions so that they can even steal your girl right in front of your eyes. Hypnotism, magic, articulacy, friendliness, suaveness – they wear many spectacles on them to fool their obstacle and target. You might be wondering if they didn’t have a childhood. The answer is yes they did. So how do they manage to get all the “weapons”?

Are you ready to learn the secrets? Rest assured we won’t ask you to walk her dog while visiting her grandmother at the hospital. All you need to do is open your mind enough, dive into these books and start using what you have learned in your life. These four books that we have listed here are not only helpful to bone that chick but dangerous enough to hypnotise people into getting what you want from them.

1) The Game by Neil Strauss

The book is written by a nerd who was struggling to get laid. But because of continuous failure, he decides to team up with a bunch of pick up artists. In the book not only does he cover the mysterious world of pick up art but also drops a few tricks to becoming the ladies man.

2) 24 Laws of Seduction by Robert Greene

The book has a self-explanatory title. 24 laws to get you started with your own pickup technique. The writer is not a practicing pick up artist but the insights that he shares in this book is applicable to fields beyond pickup art.

3) The Art of War by Sun Tzu

A timeless classic. Not definitely the pickup artist handbook but includes the essential knowledge in understanding your target and winning them. Even if picking up girls is not your thing, reading the art of war is definitely your first step in understanding how to influence people. Besides smart is the new sexy. So read a lot, stay smart and stay sexy.

4) How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This is the beginners guide to understanding how to behave around people. Whether you want to market yourself or sleep with the beauty you met the today, it is essential you nail this book. Of course, it’s not necessary! But if you want to open yourself to different possibilities, you should stop fooling with your dick and pick a copy of at least one if not four of these books.

Happy hunting 🙂

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