Tom Hanks created an app for the blokes who love to have typewriting experience in their apple machine which goes by the name ‘Hanx Writer’. It made as No. 1 app in the app store as its popularity grew on the internet. But not everybody can play Forrest Gump and not everybody is Tom Hanks.

Nevertheless, if Tom Hanks made you realize that you could create an app too, behold. Before you push things aside and jump into it “because you can program”, lets see some of the apps that used more human thoughts than computer processing.

1) WhatsApp

Ever since Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion two things have stroke my mind time and again – a) what did the founders of WhatsApp have in their heads when they signed that deal? and b) what thing would make Facebook pay such crazy amount again? NINETEEN BILLION DOLLARS!! For an App!! And all this despite Facebook had its own version of WhatsApp!! God that scares me. I mean, Disney bought Marvel for what – mere Four Billion Dollars, right? And here Facebook threw $19 Billions over something so ubiquitous as a messenger app. So, think twice. Who knows? You could come up with the next WhatsApp.

You gotta be kidding, right?

2) I’m Rich

The infamous $1000 app in Apple App Store. What does it do? Well, from what I’ve read, it loads a ruby red icon on the home screen, with the subtext “I Am Rich.” and when the user activates the program, a large, glowing red gem appears. That’s all. What? That’s all? Exactly. See, this app was not created to keep record of your money or snap a picture showing off your filthy swag. The program essentially loaded a screen saver onto the Apple iPhone to remind users and alert others that the user has money to throw around. This completely useless app was later unavailable in the app store for unknown reasons. Nevertheless, one of the person who bought it did comment – “Oh my god! I thought you guys were joking!”

That’s how I roll!

3) Flappy Bird

Sharing many similarities with the famous helicopter game, Flappy Bird became a global phenomenon within a week it was released. It was so famous that Nguyen Dong, its Vietnamese developer, was making $50,000 a day in the ads off of the game. Unfortunately, Nguyen decided to pull the app off the store despite its success because of the hate tweets, death threats and repeated harassment over the game. In a question to how many death threats he got everyday, he replied hundreds. And that’s what I keep telling people, they never let the successful you sit happy and enjoy that can of Dr. Pepper you totally deserve. So what was that made Flappy Bird, one mundane app go viral? Addiction and of course, a good turn of time for the developer.

4) Instagram

Another billion dollar acquisition by Facebook, Instagram was an idea that was as simple as instant photography, when it was not the only app for instant photography in the market. However, the idea of washed out photography somehow lured the internet generation so fast that Facebook almost crapped its pant and ran off to buy the company ASAP. In fact, just within two months of its launch, the app had a million registered users and within a year ten millions registered to the app. But what became hotter for Instagram was not just the increasing number of users. Celebrities were starting to use  it too along with the “Tech Elites”. And hence, a “Best Mobile app” was born. And by the way, Justin Beiber leads the race again with 19,936,904 instagram followers. How about that?

5) iFart App

Yes, you guessed right – it farts, for just $0.99. You know a bad app is a bad app but not iFart. Actually, it is so well executed that you might feel the developers actually want to return every penny of your $0.99 they took.

Find the one you like the best!
Find the one you like the best!

This clever scheme not only made them a great profit but also brought an influx of clone apps that was all about farts. Of course, the clones didn’t earn well but if you look at the bright side, gas hasn’t been this cheap. So, good luck with your insane idea whatever that is. May you be next billionaire of the world!

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